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What is InfoNexus?

InfoNexus LogoInfoNexus is an annual conference at McGill University run by the School of Information Studies students. Every year, it brings information specialists together in the city of Montreal (Quebec), Canada to discuss various topics in information studies.

Previously known as “Web 2.U Symposium”, the event is a tradition passed from generation to generation. InfoNexus gives information specialists an opportunity to practice their information skills and share their expertise.

In 2014, the conference addressed the latest trends in social media (technology, strategy, and best practices). Read the highlights from Web 2.U 2014 on the MISSA (McGill Library & Information Studies Student Association) blog.


The organizers of the 2014 event are:

  • Paul Grewal, MLIS II (Librarianship)
    • Co-Organizer
  • Anastasia Prozorova, MLIS I (Knowledge Management)
    • Co-Organizer
  • Alexander Burdett, MLIS I (Librarianship)
    • Co-Organizer
  • Kristy Popwell, MLIS II (Knowledge Management)
    • Social Media Manager


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