We Are Taking a Few Months Off…

We are taking a few months off for website maintenance and archive consolidation. We will introduce the organizers of InfoNexus 2016 when we are back. Check out the highlights from InfoNexus 2015 on MISSA’s blog written by one of the conference co-organizers, Kayleigh Girard. We hope you enjoyed sharing your time with us! If you still miss us, see some … Read More

Special Thanks to the Volunteers and Co-Organizers of InfoNexus 2015!

InfoNexus 2015, that took place on February 6, could not have been possible without the professionalism and generosity of our volunteers and co-organizers. The time flew so fast the day of the conference that Alex and I completely forgot to thank our volunteers Meghan Goodchild, MISt 2016 Rebecca Mahler, MLIS 2015 as well as our co-organizers Kayleigh Girard, MISt 2016 … Read More

InfoNexus 2015 Shares Links to Some Speakers’ Slides & Websites

Dear followers, thank you for attending InfoNexus 2015! As promised, we’d like to share the links to some of our speaker’s slides or websites: Nancy Naluz: “Digital Literacy Today and Tomorrow”; Herman Tumurcuoglu: “Applying Reverse SEO Techniques to Resolve Search Reputation Problems”; David Heti: his website; Alexandra Carruthers: “Theory and Practice of Building Digital Public Spaces”. If you’d like to … Read More

Nathalie de Preux, a Current Knowledge Management Advisor at Bombardier, Is Back to McGill to Speak at InfoNexus 2015!

  Nathalie de Preux is a recent graduate of McGill’s School of Information Studies (SIS) Master’s program. We invited Nathalie back to her alma mater to talk about her journey into the professional world of Knowledge Management at Bombardier Aerospace. Nathalie generously shared her memories and ideas over the familiar cheese nachos at Thomson House, the popular meeting place of … Read More