Alexander Burdett, Organizer of InfoNexus 2015

Alexander Burdett,
Chief Organizer
of InfoNexus 2015

Alexander Burdett is a Manitoba lawyer and MLIS (Librarianship) second-year student at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies.

Anastasia talked to Alexander this summer:

Alex, you helped organize Web 2.U Symposium last February, 2014. And both you and I got trained to organize this annual student-run conference in 2015. Now that we call the event InfoNexus, what will you be in charge of?

I will be in charge of the financial and administrative matters of the event as that’s what I worked on with Paul Grewal last year. Together with you, I will also be taking care of the speakers for the conference. And, I will make sure the day of the event runs smoothly.


Both, you and I are going to be looking for the new students entering our program to help us organize the event in 2015 and also train them for the conference in 2016, right?

Absolutely, recruiting and training fresh minds is one of our priorities. It is important that this tradition continues on…


Alex, I never had a chance to ask you what you did before you entered MLIS and why you chose the Librarianship stream. We were always so busy with our assignments and projects…

Before I entered the program, I practiced corporate/commercial and administrative law in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My research interests include the structure of legal information, preservation of digital legal information, and information retrieval. That is why I chose Librarianship.


How are you finding your experience at McGill so far? And do you have any plans after you graduate?

I have enjoyed my experience so far at SIS exploring the intersection of law and information. After graduating I hope to pursue a career in academic law librarianship.