Amy Buckland & Janis Dawson: A Second Life for Librarians

Amy Buckland and Janis Dawson were two Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) students at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies. They received their MLIS in 2008. Both Amy Buckland and Janis Dawson are the original creators of the conference! Amy Buckland is the “eScholarship, ePublishing & digitization coordinator at McGill University Library” as she describes herself on her blog page. Janis Dawson is a Manager of askON/ONdemande, a nonprofit virtual reference service for communities of Ontario public libraries and colleges. Find out more about him on his blog page.

Originally named Web 2.You, the conference was first held on February 15, 2008. Actually, it was not intended to be a conference, but rather a workshop for information professionals. For more details on the very first event of its kind, check out our previous website. Web 2.You 2008 was presented by McGill University‘s School of Information Studies (SIS), CLA Montreal Chapter, CLA Emerging Technologies Interest Group (ETIG) and the McGill SLA Student Group.

Also, check out Janis Dawson’s & Amy Buckland’s presentation “A Second Life for Libraries”.