Anastasia Prozorova, InfoNexus 2015 Organizer

Anastasia Prozorova,
Chief Organizer
of InfoNexus 2015

Anastasia Prozorova is MLIS (Knowledge Management) second-year student at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies. Drop her a line at

Anastasia, you helped organize Web 2.U Symposium last February, 2014. And you and Alex were trained to organize this annual student-run conference in 2015. What will you be in charge of?

I am in charge of the communications and human resources aspects of the event. I will also look for, invite and accommodate the speakers for the conference and make sure everyone enjoys the experience.


You proposed to rename the conference, redesign the website, and refresh the image of the event. What are you trying to achieve and why?

Right, I just thought I had too much free time on my hands… But joking aside, I really wanted this tradition of independent student initiative to resonate with people passionate about information. I’d like to believe that InfoNexus, the name we came up with my fellow event-organizers, could trigger a greater emotional response. And so I really hope that the event in 2015 could leave long-lasting pleasant memories in everyone involved.


Why did you choose the field of Information Studies and what topics are you most interested in?
I have a special interest in Information and Chaos Theories because these theories help me get a greater understanding of some of the questions that I have. My life always revolved around information in its most beautiful and its ugliest forms…


When did you realize that what you wanted to study was information?
After I had completed my Minor in Communication Studies part of my B. A. at McGill and had read James Gleick’s book “The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood”. I decided to apply for MLIS while I was doing a couple of computer programming degrees at McGill’s School of Continuing Studies. I also talked to a few people who graduated from the MLIS program and they told me I could do it…


You study Knowledge Management. How are you finding the field you chose so far? And what do you envision for the future?
The program I’m in is very multidisciplinary which is perfect for me as I struggle to dedicate myself to just one field of studies. As for the future, I guess, like I said to my fellow event-organizers, the most accurate prediction of my professional career path one year from now would, perhaps, be, for me, to work on a minimum-wage at a coffee shop. I’m joking I’m joking…