Olivier Jarda Talks About the Environmental Law and What We Can Do to Democratize Information

Olivier Jarda is a third-year BCL/LLB student at McGill University’s Faculty of Law and an activist passionate about the environment. Olivier shared his experience in Environmental Law with Alex, Kristen (our new team member), and Anastasia over a brunch last November. The refreshing conversation inspired all of us to re-evaluate our relationship with our habitat and encouraged us to successfully … Read More

The Chinese Word for Information: Collage with Yuning Hu

Yuning Hu is, perhaps, the youngest second-year student in the Knowledge Management stream at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies. It is always my pleasure to work with Yuning on team projects given her background in Human Resources and talk to her about, well, everything given her cheerful and outgoing personality… This September, Yuning kindly agreed for a photo shoot … Read More

Jesse David Dinneen: Making Sense of Information

Jesse David Dinneen is a PhD student at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies (SIS) with a solid background in Philosophy. He convenes the Philosophy of Information reading group at SIS and was a Web 2.You 2013 speaker. Jesse generously shared his thoughts on some of the current topics in Information Studies. Learn more…

The Islands Emerging in the Unknown…

Information specialists are multidisciplinary creatures, but it is not easy to keep up with so many different fields at the same time, especially, at the end of a semester… How to acknowledge all the voices coming from outside of the School of Information Studies? How to stay receptive to their take on information? Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Arts, Mathematics, Sociology, … Read More

Nancy Naluz: Community-Based Digital Literacy with Ladies Learning Code

Nancy Naluz is a musician-turned-web-developer and a Community Manager for the non-profit organization Ladies Learning Code. She shared her inspiring journey into the fascinating and somewhat addictive world of computer programmers and hackers over a lunch with us this September. What a wonderful experience that was for the three women on our team to share our stories in a warm … Read More

Decoding the Visual Language of Women in Clothes

Anastasia dropped by the book launch/clothing swap event in Montreal yesterday. The collaborative team of authors launching their new book “Women in Clothes” shared some ideas that might be of interest to information specialists. Learn more…

InfoNexus 2015 Will Keep You Warm This Winter!

We are thrilled to announce that our next annual student-run conference is going to be held on Friday, February 6, 2015! Come join the conversation with information specialists already working in the field, still in training, and those who don’t realize they are information specialists. InfoNexus – that’s how we call the event now – will warm us all up … Read More