Robin Canuel & Maria Savova: Mobile Technology

Robin Canuel and Maria Savova are McGill University librarians. Their presentation “Mobile Technology: Accessing Library Collections and Services From the Palm of Your Hand” explores the use of mobile technology, such as smart phones, e-Readers, tablets etc.

Sarah Severson: Seeing Things Differently

Sarah Severson is a librarian and archivist at The Moment Factory. Her presentation “Seeing things differently: Information Literacy at a Multimedia Production Studio” delves into the efficiency and ethical aspects of visual information in images.

Jason Vantomme: Collaborative Technologies and Knowledge Management at EA

Jason Vantomme from Electronic Arts Canada will talk about the use of intranets and extranets by various groups of people within an organization. His presentation “Collaborative Technologies and Knowledge Management at EA” will suggest the ways in which knowledge networks can help organizations save time, improve productivity, and increase creativity.

Karen Nicholson: Instructional literacy for IL practitioners

Karen Nicholson from McMaster University will talk about the role of information literacy programs in the efforts of academic librarians to assure and improve the quality of library reference services. Her presentation “Relevant, reflective and effective: Instructional Literacy for IL Practitioners” will explore the responsibilities of information professionals on various stages of the academic research process.