Steve Coffman: What Comes After 2?

“We’ll take a look at some of the difficulties we’ve had in implementing Web 2.0 initiatives in libraries and try to figure out what caused them. Then we’ll look at some more successful applications of web technologies in other industries and ask what lessons they might have for libraries” (Steve Coffman). Steve Coffman is the Vice President in charge of … Read More

Lora Baiocco: Starting @ 2.0

Lora Baiocco is the Online Services and Archives librarian at the Westmount Public Library where she manages and develops a fully bilingual library website, implements/evaluates social media initiatives and tries to bridge the boundaries between traditional archives and the digital world. She has a passion for bringing people and ideas together through her work on library conference committees. She speaks … Read More

Web 2.U 2013 Student Speakers

Web 2.U 2013 featured the following student speakers from McGill University‘s School of Information Studies: Emily Crist, “Who I Actually Am”: User Created Personas and Social Networking”. Jesse David Dinneen, “The unclear state of the semantic search”. Robert Douglas Ferguson, “From Expectation to Reality: An Exploration of Patients’ Perspectives on Reciprocity and Fair Use of Data within”. Alex Lent, … Read More

Christine Renaud: e-180

Christine Renaud is a Montreal-based social entrepreneur passionate about self-directed and community-based learning. As the CEO of E-180, Christine is in charge of educational direction, sales, funding, partnerships and the community building behind E-180. She’s also currently the product manager. Prior to E-180, she obtained her M.Ed. as a Frank Knox Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focusing … Read More