Emily Mackle, Social Media Manager of InfoNexus 2015

Emily Mackle,
Social Media Manager & Editor
of InfoNexus 2015

Emily Mackle is MLIS (Knowledge Management) second-year student at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies.

Anastasia talked to her this summer:

Emily, we know each other because we worked on a couple of team projects for our Knowledge Management courses together. You also volunteered to help us accommodate our guests the day of Web 2.U Symposium in 2014. Will you join us for InfoNexus 2015?

Yes, I am so excited to be a part of the team. I’m looking forward to managing the social media campaign for InfoNexus 2015.


Thank you, Emily! I simply don’t know how we could do it without you. You will also help us train a new student entering our program to be a social media person for the 2016 conference, right?

Sure, it will be my pleasure.


Ensuring knowledge transfer and knowledge continuity… No wonder you are in Knowledge Management stream.

Yes, I certainly am in the right program. Along with KM, I’m also interested in the field of law librarianship.


What made you choose our program and why?

I chose to pursue an MLIS degree because of the flexibility of career paths available to me upon graduation from this program. I am also passionate about promoting literacy, helping others and being in a field where I am constantly learning.


When did you get interested in a degree in Information Studies?

I became interested in McGill’s MLIS program in my second year of university. I obtained a degree in English Language & Literature at the University of Western Ontario, and while I appreciate the value of an arts degree, the job market typically does not. I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree that related to my field of study, but also provided new skills, such as technological literacy and management proficiency.


How are you finding the field you chose so far?

Thus far I am pleased with my choice to be a part of SIS at McGill. I am certain that it is leading me on a path to success, and I am excited to have so many options ahead of me in the ever-evolving world of information professionals.