InfoNexus 2018 Chief Organizers

Caitlin Owen – Logistics Lead/Project Coordinator

Caitlin is in her second year of McGill’s Master of Information Studies program. With an undergraduate degree in Social Psychology, she is particularly interested in users’ mental processes in storing and searching for information. Besides her involvement in InfoNexus, she is also the Communications Officer for MISSA and working part-time at the federal government.


Liza Leone – Social Media Lead/Web Organizer

Liza completed a double major in English Literature and Russian & Slavic Studies at McGill University, and returned to pursue a Master’s in Information Studies. Currently in her final year, she is interested in using information technology for the purpose of historical, art and media preservation. She has worked in corporate archives, is currently pursuing an internship with the federal government. She is also the Internal Affairs Coordinator of MISTech.


Teresa Mainville-Celso – Speaker Coordination Lead

Teresa is in her last year of McGill’s MISt program. Passionate about knowledge management (KM), her goal is to help organizations become more efficient and innovative in their work. A lifelong learner, she seeks any opportunity for growth especially if it involves creating her own experiences. She is currently the president of the McGill SLA Student Association and is up for the Education/Professional Development Chair position for the SLA KM Division. Understanding the value of personal growth in professional settings, she recently did a talk at the Congrès des Professionnels et Professionnels/les de l’Information on the importance of student attendance at conferences where she encourages students to learn from the experiences of others and build their network. “You have to create your own luck sometimes” is her motto. After her degree, Teresa aspires to be a KM consultant.

Charlotte Forss – Treasurer Lead

Charlotte is in her second and final year of McGill’s MISt program. She holds a BA in History from the University of Alberta and has studied and worked in France and Germany. At McGill, she has explored a range of information-y interests, particularly in the realm of digital information management. A lover of lists, libraries and languages, she hopes to pursue a career in an academic or international environment.