How to Liven Up Your Knowledge Network: Tips from a KM Student

As the organizer of the upcoming InfoNexus 2015 conference and a Knowledge Management (KM) student, I encourage you to grow and cultivate your knowledge network. Here is what you can do:




  • Ask questions to the presenting conference speakers.
    (The information professionals we invited are looking forward to sharing their ideas with you. An InfoNexus team member will give you a mic if you like.)

  • Talk to someone during the breaks.
    (Our friendly team members can help you get in touch with someone they know.)

  • Tweet your comments @infonexus2015 (#infonexus2015)
    or post them on InfoNexus Facebook page and InfoNexus Instagram.

    (Our social media team will do their best to manage the live interactions.)


My biggest hope is that a conversation with information specialists gives you some inspiration or an idea for your next project. And, who knows, maybe InfoNexus could also connect you with someone open to collaboration…

Register for InfoNexus online and invite someone to join you!