Yuning Hu is, perhaps, the youngest second-year student in the Knowledge Management stream at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies. It is always my pleasure to work with Yuning on team projects given her background in Human Resources and talk to her about, well, everything given her cheerful and outgoing personality… This September, Yuning kindly agreed for a photo shoot with me which turned into the conversation about the Chinese word for information. Have a look at what came out of our day of sharing ideas, sunshine, and cronuts:

Chinese Information Collage with Yuning Hu

The Chinese Word for Information: Collage with Yuning Hu

The collage assembles four different symbols making the parts of the Chinese characters which, in their turn, form the word “information”: 1) a person, 2) to speak, 3) self (yes, we made a “selfie”), and 4) a heart…

Thank you, Yuning, for being an insightful and patient friend, a beautiful model as well as my true muse!


If you have any questions about the photo shoot, do not hesitate to contact Anastasia Prozorova: