Special Thanks to the Volunteers and Co-Organizers of InfoNexus 2015!

Volunteers & Co-organizers of InfoNexus 2015

Volunteers & Co-organizers
of InfoNexus 2015

InfoNexus 2015, that took place on February 6, could not have been possible without the professionalism and generosity of our volunteers and co-organizers.

The time flew so fast the day of the conference that Alex and I completely forgot to thank our volunteers

  • Meghan Goodchild, MISt 2016
  • Rebecca Mahler, MLIS 2015

as well as our co-organizers

  • Kayleigh Girard, MISt 2016
  • Christy Lau, MISt 2016
  • Kristen Young, MISt 2016

for their cheerful support of our mission and goals!


We also thank Emily Mackle and Vastille Edma for their dedication and support throughout the year as well as Yiming Guo and Yuning Hu for helping us with special projects!


P. S. We will be posting more photos from the event soon. In the meanwhile, check out the slides one of our speakers, Alexandra Carruthers, shared with us: “Theory and Practice of Building Digital Public Spaces”.