Web 2.You 2010: Michael Lenczner

Michael Lenczner has spent the past ten years in the non-profit sector working on public information infrastructure, civic engagement, and strategic planning and development. He co-founded Ile Sans Fil and CivicAccess.ca, serves on the board of several non-profits, and is a frequent collaborator on academic research. He is currently working on a new web-based service for Canadian non-profits.

Sarah Burns: Oxfam International’s KIC Portal: Web 2.0 in KM Initiatives

Sarah Burns is a Knowledge Management Advisor at Pathfinder International. She did her B. A. Hons. in International Development and is a second-year MLIS student. She was Oxfam Canada Intern and Oxfam Québec Research Assistant. Check out the slides and the video recordings of her presentation “Oxfam International’s KIC Portal: Web 2.0 in KM Initiatives”.