Vastille Edma, InfoNexus 2015 Promoter & PR Consultant

Vastille Edma,
Promoter & PR Consultant
of InfoNexus 2015

Vastille Edma is MLIS (Knowledge Management) second-year student at McGill University‘s School of Information Studies. You may contact Vastille at

Anastasia talked to her over the email this summer:

Vastille, you volunteered to help us accommodate our guests the day of Web 2.U Symposium in 2014. Also, we know each other because you and I are studying in the same stream. Why did you choose to study Knowledge Management?

My interest is in helping organizations effectively use their knowledge. I have a passion for knowledge capture and distribution. And as Dr. Dalkir wrote in her book: “Competition depends not on the differential possession of physical assets, or even information, but on the ability to deploy and exploit knowledge”. In addition, I chose this stream because I always wanted to be able to work in different countries for international organizations. Knowledge Management offers career opportunities all over the world.


How are you finding the field you chose so far?

I am very happy with my choice so far. I get to use my language skills. After my first year at McGill, I received an offer for a summer internship in Europe. I am currently in Vienna, Austria where I am doing an internship for an international organization…


That’s amazing, Vastille, congratulations! I can’t wait to ask you all about it when you come back to Montreal for our last year in the program. Will you join us for InfoNexus 2015?

Of course, I’ll be happy to work with you, Emily, and Alex again. I am looking forward to our conference next year!