We Are Taking a Few Months Off…

Cat On Vacation

We are taking a few months off for website maintenance and archive consolidation. We will introduce the organizers of InfoNexus 2016 when we are back.

Check out the highlights from InfoNexus 2015 on MISSA’s blog written by one of the conference co-organizers, Kayleigh Girard.

We hope you enjoyed sharing your time with us! If you still miss us, see some more pictures from InfoNexus 2015 below.

And, please, drop us a line for any ideas or suggestions for the next year’s conference: infonexus.inform@gmail.com

Anastasia Prozorova and Alexander Burdett Audience at InfoNexus 2015 Alexandra Carruthers
Olivier Jarda Nancy Naluz Kayleigh Girard Introduces a Speaker